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All fees are private and paid at the time of your appointment.  To minimize contact surfaces and time within the clinic, we encourage online payments through our secure server Payfirma on Janeapp but will also accept Debit, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept cheques, American Express and cash at this time.


We are proud to maintain a paperless office, as such you will be emailed a receipt with the clinician's license number, unless you request a hard copy.  Please use this receipt to make claims through your individual extended health providers.  Many extended health benefit plans cover our services (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Custom Splinting) but vary greatly between employers so please check your individual extended health benefit provider for specific coverage.


As an added service, we offer direct billing to the following extended health care providers:

  • Canada Life

  • ICBC

  • Johnson

  • Manulife

  • Medavie Blue Cross (Veterans and RCMP only)

  • MSP Premium Assistance

  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • UBC Ortho Reconstruction

To set up direct billing at Empower Physiotherapy, please let our front desk team know your policy information when booking your appointment so that we may set this up for you before your visit. Please remember that each individual’s extended health plan covers a different amount and you will be responsible for the remainder of the fee at the time of the treatment session.


We also bill directly to ICBC without prior approval for any motor vehicle accidents occurring after May 1st, 2021 and within 12 weeks of injury.  For any injuries sustained from an accident prior to this date or past 12 weeks post injury, you will have to seek prior approval from ICBC before booking your appointment.


ICBC allows 25 sessions of physiotherapy and 12 sessions of Kinesiology (Active Rehab) within 12 weeks of your motor vehicle accident whether you are at fault or not.  You will be charged a flat rate user fee of $20.00/session for all physiotherapy and/or hand therapy visits.  Kinesiology - Active Rehab sessions are fully covered by ICBC so there is no user fee charged. 


​Please provide us with your ICBC claim number, your adjustor's name, and adjustor’s phone number at the time of booking.

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