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Pelvic Health

Pelvic health physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of various conditions and issues relating to the pelvic floor and surrounding pelvic girdle area. The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles that attach from your pubic bone to the tail bone (front to back) and sit bones (side to side). They act as a trampoline and are important for bowel and bladder control, pelvic organ support, inner core stability, and sexual function.

Trained pelvic floor physiotherapists perform a detailed assessment to determine the cause of your pelvic floor dysfunction. For a more thorough assessment, an internal vaginal or rectal examination may be indicated with your consent. Based on the findings, each client will receive a personalized treatment plan that may include education with visual aids, exercises, manual therapy, activity modification, and relaxation practices. You will be empowered to take control of your pelvic floor and all its functions.

Common Conditions Treated:

Urinary/Fecal Incontinence (stress, urge, mixed)

Urinary Dysfunction (frequency, urgency, incomplete emptying)

Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA)


Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Pelvic organ prolapse

Vaginal/vulvar pain

Low back and pelvic girdle pain

Coccydynia (tailbone) pain

Perinatal care

Menstrual pain

Kim treats people with pelvic floor dysfunction and is certified to perform internal examinations as necessary.

Pelvic Health
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