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Wound Care & Scar Management

Lacerations, deep wounds or de-gloving injuries, involve wound care from trained health care practitioners.  Our certified hand therapists (CHTs) have specialized training to treat your acute injuries from the start. Whether you arrive from the Emergency Room or post surgery, we know how to properly remove your bulky dressings.  We will clean your wound, remove stitches and aid in your healing process so that you may avoid infection.

Once a wound has closed, unmanaged scar tissue may cause joint stiffness or look unsightly.  Our CHTs use various techniques and products to minimize visible scarring and stiffness.  Scar tissue may continue to mature up to one to two years post injury. Let us help you maximize your function and cosmetic appearance after a wound.

Angie, Linda & Maritess are all Certified Hand Therapists and offer these services.

Wound Care & Scar Management
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