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Manual & Manipulative Therapy


Manual therapy is a clinical approach based on skilled hands on physical treatment used to treat all musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It includes many different techniques including joint mobilizations, soft tissue massage, muscle energy, hold/relax, myofascial release and active release techniques. The more skilled and experienced the clinician the better the effect.


Manipulative therapy is an extension of manual therapy that is useful for "locked" or very stiff joints and injuries that are less responsive to traditional manual techniques. A manipulation is a joint specific high velocity thrust that is used to restore joint mobility and decrease pain/muscle guarding. At Empower Physiotherapy, manipulations will only be performed by skilled clinicians, after a thorough assessment and with your consent.


Facilitates movement and exercise therapy

Improves joint mobility

Increases range of motion

Promotes relaxation

Reduces muscle tension

Reduces pain

All our physiotherapists are trained in manual therapy. Some have taken further training to perform spinal manipulations.

Manual & Manipulative Therapy
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