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Our Story

I always felt like a chicken with its head cut off when working as a physiotherapist but I thought that’s just the way it was.  I wanted more time so that I could properly assess and treat patients the way I personally would like to be treated.  There just wasn’t a one-to-one physiotherapy clinic in Richmond at the time; thus, Empower Physiotherapy was born in 2013.
Having worked in many clinical settings, I put the best of each environment into Empower Physiotherapy and focussed on quality. I had a vision of a place where people would be treated with dignity in a clean and fresh environment, greeted by friendly reception, and treated by skilled practitioners with excellent professional bedside manner.  On top of that, have short wait times and offer an easy booking system.  Basically, I wanted to make people’s experience with recovery from an injury to be as enjoyable as possible!
How do we do this? We have a stellar team and we lead with strong core values here at Empower – integrity, excellence, positivity and a client-centric approach.  Our one-to-one care allows the physiotherapists to have time to listen and engage with you.  Everyone should be heard, including the physiotherapists who are trying to educate their patients in a limited time frame.  
Getting over an injury or minimizing chronic pain isn’t just about the physical improvements but a whole well being approach.  We at Empower Physiotherapy are all passionate about health, fitness and your general well being.
I truly hope you have a positive experience every time you visit Empower Physiotherapy.  Book in and tell us your story and in the meantime remember to keep moving!

​Physiotherapist/Certified Hand Therapist

Clinic Director & Owner

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