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TMJ Disorder Treatment

The TMJ is the joint between your jaw bone and the skull and it's disorders may be a complex problem of the joint itself and the related muscles. This joint may be painful from grinding your teeth, increased stress, or trauma and is usually associated with neck pain and symptoms. This specialized joint requires thorough knowledge to be assessed and treated effectively. Treatments with a strong emphasis on education is prescribed according to the individual signs and symptoms and my be intra- and/or extra-oral. It can also include manual therapy (joint mobilization, massage, soft tissue stretching), intramuscular stimulation to the jaw and neck musculature, and pain reducing modalities.

  • TMJ arthralgia

  • TMJ arthritis

  • TMJ disc displacement

  • Neck pain

  • Tinnitus

All our physiotherapists are skilled at treating TMJ disorders.

TMJ Disorder Treatment
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