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Pre- & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation is so important for the speed of recovery and success of your surgery. Knowing and optimizing your pre-surgical abilities and baseline of range of motion and strength will enable your therapist to work with you to achieve your individual goals post surgery. Our therapists will work with you to get you ready for your elective surgery. This may mean working on your joints to increase your movement or setting you up on a program to get you stronger.

From bandage changes and initial post-op precaution education to progressive movement and strengthening, we will guide you through your full recovery. To get optimal surgery results, physiotherapy must be tailored to your specific recovery. We work closely with the Orthopaedic and Plastic surgeons at Richmond Hospital and are familiar with their post-operative protocols.

  • Hand and Elbow Surgeries including Carpal Tunnel Release, Tendon Repair, Ulnar Nerve Transposition, Palmar Fasciectomy

  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) of all Fractures

  • Total Joint Replacements including Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle

  • Knee Surgeries including ACL Repair, Patellar Tendon Repair, Arthroscopy

  • Shoulder Surgeries including Rotator Cuff Repair, Bankart Repair, Latarjet Procedure

All our physiotherapists are familiar with pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. Give us a call and we will match you with the best fit for you.

Pre- & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
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