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This twist bar is made for stretching the upper extremities to help reduce muscle soreness and joint pain. When recovering from elbow injuries or surgery, it can be nearly impossible to find the right tools with so many splints, bands, braces, and straps available. Stop trying remedies that won’t work and choose the THERABAND FlexBar, which is backed by clinical research, for your rehabilitation experience.

Theraband FlexBar

PriceFrom $35.00
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Available in 4 progressive resistance levels: Yellow (6lbs. of force), Red (10 lbs. of force), Green (15 lbs. of force), or Blue (25 lbs. of force).
    • Made from dry natural rubber.
    • Ridged surface makes it easy to grip, bend, twist, and oscillate during use.
    • Portable, convenient, and can be used at home and on the go. 
    • Comes equipped with exercise instructions to ensure proper and effective use.
  •  It is clinical-research proven to be effective in treating Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow. It works to improve upper extremities and decrease pain through bending, twisting or oscillating.

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