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The Original Oval-8 Finger Splints in Classic Beige are the ideal choice whenever you need to stabilize, realign or immobilize the small joints of your patient's fingers. The versatile 3-point pressure design allows each Oval-8 Finger Splint to treat 6 or more conditions with a simple turn of the splint.

Oval 8 Finger Splint

Excluding Sales Tax
    • The classic Oval-8 Beige Finger Splints offer support, a customizable fit and comfort for the IP joints of the  fingers and thumbs
    • The Oval-8 design employs 3 points of pressure to control IP flexion, extension and deviation to manage 6 or more finger conditions with a simple turn of the splint
    • Every splint features a looser and more secure fit to accommodate changes in finger size due to edema, temperature changes or time of day
    • Fit the end of the splint with the +Plus sign on the finger first for a slightly looser fit and apply the other end first for a more secure fit
    • Oval-8 splints are waterproof and do not need to be removed in water
    • Available in clinic kits, sizing sets, multi-size packages and in single size packages for clinic stocking
    • No natural rubber latex was used in the manufacture of this medical product
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