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Empower Physiotherapy

​​em·pow·er:  to invest with power; enable someone to do something

Our vision is to empower the community at large to take charge of their bodies, move past injury and enable their best performance through life.  We are the leading physiotherapy clinic in Richmond, BC.

The team members at Empower Physiotherapy

Who We Are

Passionate Health Professionals in Richmond BC

At Empower Physiotherapy, we focus on what we do best, quality physiotherapy! Our clinic is the preferred and trusted physiotherapy clinic in Richmond for physician and specialist referrals, making us the leading physiotherapy clinic in Richmond with over 130+ years of collective experience.


Our aim is to provide quality, evidence-informed physiotherapy care with the highest standards of assessment, treatment and prevention of injuries one patient at a time.  Let us help you achieve and maintain an active, balanced lifestyle so that you can keep moving.


Our Services 

Quality Specialized Rehabilitation Services

Looking for experienced therapists that are specialized in your particular musculoskeletal issue? Look no further as we've got you covered!  We offer specialty services within the scope of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, certified hand therapy and kinesiology.



  • Acupuncture

  • Concussion Rehabilitation

  • Brace Fitting

  • Manual & Manipulative Therapy

  • Osteoarthritis Management

  • Pelvic Health

  • Perinatal Care

  • Pre- & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Telerehabilitation

  • TMJ Dysfunction Treatment

  • Torticollis Treatment

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

Hand Therapy.jpg

Certified Hand Therapy

  • Brace Fitting

  • Custom Splinting

  • Pre- & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Scar Management

  • Telerehabilitation

  • Wound Care

*Offered by Physiotherapists (PTs) & Occupational Therapists (OTs)

*Offered by Physiotherapists (PTs) & Occupational Therapists (OTs)



  • Active Rehab (ICBC)

  • Personal Training

  • Telerehabilitation