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October Physio-4 TIPS for Pre and Post Natal

Pregnancy and early motherhood can be hard on your body. Seek advice early on from your physiotherapist for tools to reduce pain during and after pregnancy. Exercising while pregnant will help strengthen and prepare your body for the birth. Continuing to exercise after your baby is born will help ensure you are able to care for your newborn and regain your fitness. Your physiotherapist can create an exercise program that meets your individual goals and help reduce pain during and after your pregnancy. ​

Pre & Post Natal Tips to prevent injury, alleviate pain and keep you moving for life. 1. Pregnancy and caring for your baby can cause backache. To prevent backache, keep your body tall, whether you are standing, sitting, lifting or reaching. Avoid slumping when feeding your baby and use pillows to help support your arms and your baby to prevent neck and back pain. 2. Urinary leakage is common. During pregnancy and postpartum, women may experience urine, bowel or gas control problems. Doing pelvic floor exercises can prevent these problems. See a pelvic floor physiotherapist for an assessment and to learn how to do these exercises effectively. 3. New moms are eager to get back in shape. Restoring the profile and function of your tummy/abdomen requires knowing what exercises to do and what not to do both during and after your pregnancy. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can teach you how to do these exercises effectively. 4. Exercise during pregnancy is good for you. It will keep you fit and strong and can help your body recover after delivery. Even a weight program is all right provided you have good technique and can perform at least ten repetitions of each exercise. Avoid high contact sports that could potentially hurt your baby.

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